Wagner Group, 2023.

Wagner Group is an ongoing project that approaches the revivalist conservatism of the new cold war by creating an encounter between the public and a set of modified objects. The purpose is to test the boundaries of free speech in the context of anti-Russian sentiment, and to break the codes of conduct customary to such theaters. Aiming to put the obscenities of ideology in the cross-hairs and its puppetry on display, the work is a pantomime of newspeak that “forgets itself” on its way to delivering its propaganda.

Bodka, 2023, enamel, bottles, led lights.

Forgotten Heels, 2023, engraved shoes, South Broadway, Denver, CO.

Passenger, 2023, engraved doll, Denver bus.

Forgotten Purses, 2023, engraved purses with engraved tokens.

Lost Shoes, 2023, engraved shoes.

Twin Stalin, 2023, engraved stones.

Vaviela Fan Club, 2023 24 engraved Magna Tiles, acrylic paint.

Grievance, 2023, spray acrylic, found plywood, attachments.

Solicitors, 2023, spray acrylic on plywod, wood stake, attachments, featuring Denver citizens.