Broad Daylight,
A Public Installation of Art Objects

Braod Daylight is an collection of improvised public works  where the artist “leaves something behind” at a carefully selected location. Without attribution by the audience, the artist remains invisible to all but a few who witness the swift delivery. Denver has a certain “post card feel” on which the work is meant to intervene. Where the public commons is meant to be challenged, the opportunity is to produce elastic dialogical relationships in which creativity can collide with hyper-controlled realities, and to interrupt commuters and park dwellers alike with the unexpected and unexplained. Existing outside the usual confines of market exchange and the gallery, these objects confront these forces with chance human connections and the free movement of interchange. 

Tap, 2021, found faucet, feathers, nylon, attachments.
Five Points neighborhood, Denver.

Troopers, 2021, candy mould. 
5-points neighborhood, Denver.

Gold Plated Post, 2021, found plate, screw.
Installed in the 5-points neighborhood, Denver.

Cracked Bat, 2021, found baseball bat, bolts.
Golden Triangle district, Denver.

Victories, 2021, trophies, bricks, attachments.
War Memorial, Colorado State Capitol, Denver.

Eyes Wide Shut, 2021, found costumes.
Civic Center Park, Denver.

Surveyor, 2021, found toy, magnet, attachments.
Larimer Square, Denver.

Monument to Square Teeth, 2021, teeth moulds, magnets.
Larimer Square, Denver.

Little Peeps, 2021, found peeps, wine decanter, magnet.
Millenium Bridge, Denver.

Perfectly Good Scissors, 2021, found scissors, magnet.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver.

Extra Baggage, purse packed with chains.
Cherry Creek Neighborhood, Denver.

Bowlers, 2021, trophies, light stand, magnets.
Pedestrian Bridge over I-25, Denver.

Lost Purse, 2021, found purse, glow stick.
Union Station, Denver.

Downgrade, 2021, found phone, duct tape, embossed label.
Union Station, Denver.

Pinwheel, 2021, found ornament, solar powered motor, magnets, acrylic sheet, attachments.
Installed at RedLine Contemporary Art Center, Denver.

Degentrification, 2021, belt, fanny pack, straws.
Five Points Neighborhood, Denver.

Second Pinwheel, 2021, found toys, pinwheel, acrylic sheet, solar powered motor, attachments.
Larimer Square, Denver.

Second Tap, 2021, found faucet, plastic jewels, nylon, attachments.
Five Points Neighborhood, Denver.

Mermaids with Treasure, 2021, found toys, plastic jewels, glass bowl, machine wheel, magnet, water.
Larimer Square, Denver.

Rack, 2021, found towel rack, dog collar, magnet, attachments.
Highlands Neighborhood, Denver.

Chains on Bridge, 2021, chains with magnets and attachments.
Confluence Park, Denver.

Lost Drone, 2021, found drone, case.
Union Station, Denver.

Dirty Little Hand, found doll hand, magnet, attachment.
Larimer Square, Denver.

Puzzle, 2021, found metal puzzle, magents, ball bearings.
Millenium Bridge, Denver.